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Who We Are

“We’re on a mission to turn the state of Minnesota into a place where every working person can also be an employee owner.”


Sue Crockett

Executive Director

Steve Storkan


Sheryl Neuman


John McCormick


Roger Ryberg

Board Member

Tom Crouse

Board Member

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If you are an individual or company residing in Minnesota and would like to support us in our mission, we would welcome your partnership.  Use one of the following forms:


By-Laws and Values

The Minnesota Employee Ownership Center (MNCEO) serves as the central hub for employee-owned businesses in Minnesota. Its primary mission is to educate business owners and their advisors (lawyers, bankers, accountants, wealth advisors) on the benefits of employee ownership via Employees Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), worker cooperatives, and Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs). MNCEO provides resources, case studies and articles, and a list of service providers who can assist with employee ownership transitions. MNCEO serves the entire state of Minnesota, with a particular focus on outreach to minority-owned businesses.

Do you want to learn more and stay connected?

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If you are a business owner and would like to learn more about employee ownership and how to get started on this path or wish to connect with an employee owned company, please reach out to us.

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